Special BMU's for Today's Modern Architecture

Although we custom design and build every machine, it is inevitable that we get challenged with an architectural concept that requires more than the “conventional” customized access systems. Under such instances, and with a solid commitment from the client, we allocate the necessary resources to develop, build and deliver a new custom solution that meets our client’s goals. Below, we shine the spotlight on a few

Al Anoud Tower i, riyadh, Saudi arabia

This unique building houses a Novotel hotel and local bank. It showcases one of OTTE’s innovative access solutions; 2 climbing BMU’s each having an outreach of 19.3 ft and weighing only 5,732 lbs. Those also feature  with automatic self-leveling mechanism allowing the platforms to maintain stability while the roof cars follow the building contours. A 3rd BMU with an elbow-jib is used to access the facade areas in between. 

Above: Al Anoud Tower BMU system in action. The building presented a new challenge with it's lack of flat roof space.

Above: Al Anoud Tower I BMU's utilize a hydraulic platform that serves as a crossing bridge between the 2 main building elevations as well lowering the BMU into hidden parking position.

Above: Al Anoud I climbing BMU's are ultra-light in weight and feature a self-leveling system.

odeon tower i, monaco

This is a luxury residential building with another display of OTTE’s cutting-edge engineering; 4 BMU’s with 27.8 ft max outreach and a dead weight of 8,819 lbs. The roof cars also feature a luffing jib and counterweight with telescopic mast in order for the machines to be completely hidden in parking position.

Above: Odeon Tower's architectural lines and limited roof space brought about another special BMU system.

Above: Odeon Tower's architectural lines and limited roof space brought about another special BMU system.

Above: The BMU system on Odeon Tower utilizes a luffing jib & counterweight together with telescopic mast to clear the roof perimeters when in operation and be able to hide completely when in parking.

Above: Odeon Tower BMU's feature a rack & pinion drive system with guiding rollers to ensure smooth and stable drive along the very narrow curved inclined path.

Dockland office building, hamburg, germany

A prominent rhomboid glass and steel structure with a very modern look. The rooftop includes a public viewing platform while the attic floor features a restaurant and a public terrace. Hence why it was of top priority to the client that any access solution be effective yet completely hidden when not in operation, even the BMU track system!

Above: Otte’s engineers worked very closely with the client to develop the desired solution comprised of 1 BMU and 2 sets of davit arms access facade areas beyond the track and roof top area of the building.

Above: Dockland BMU with a luffing jib of 12.5 ft max outreach and a narrow wheel base of only 3.45 ft!

Above: To safely access the 66° inclined main elevation at Dockland building, a mullion guide track system is incorporated into the facade design along with special guide rollers in the BMU platform.

Above: A track switch system allows the BMU to be rolled into it’s parking position. The luffing jib and detachable platform allow the machine to fit in the compact garage. Removable wooden floor panels conceal the BMU steel tracks.

One Central, Macau, china

This is a mixed-use development that includes residential, retail and services apartments. The main tower houses a luxury hotel who’s facades are accessed by 2 BMU’s with 20 ft max outreach and a track gauge of 4.5 ft. and a rack and pinion drive system along a 17° inclined track. A 3rd BMU, parapet-type, with a max outreach of 8.9 ft accesses the rear elevation.

Above: One Central, Macau, China.

Above: All 3 BMU's at One Central feature a 660 lbs glass replacement unit.

Above: The 2 climbing machines utilize a scissor lift to lower and hide them when not in operation.

Palais Quartier, Frankfurt, Germany

This building complex includes a high rise office tower, hotel, a mall and reconstructed palace from 1793. The office tower, 446 ft high, is accessed by 4 BMU’s with 36.7 ft max outreach telescopic jib while scissor lifts ensure that each of the 46,300 lbs machine is lowered into it’s designated parking location. The remaining building, 324 ft high hotel, is accessed by a BMU with 49 ft max outreach telescopic jib, which is lowered into a parking position by a scissor lift as well.

Above: At Palais Quartier the BMUs are equipped with an advanced automated system that adjusts their jib configuration to ensure no wire rope collides with the facade projections. Mullion guide restraint system allows each cradle to follow the facade zig-zag lines while a lanyard restraint system ensures stability at the vertical facades.

Above: Special scissor lift lowers the telescopic BMU and hides it completely in parking position.

Above: The access system on this project includes a high capacity glass replacement units on each BMU which is able to handle up to 1,653 lbs!